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Allow me to introduce myself. I am a 34 year young, single MILF from FL. 5'7ft. 255lbs. with 44DD breast and a big ass to match my even bigger personality. I identify as "Trysexual", meaning I'll try just about anything once, twice just to be sure. My friends would describe me as "Too Much" or "Extra" because I'm loud, honest and not everyone's cup of tea. My whole life I've been a chronic masturbator. I was always looking for new, easier and faster ways to get off. Before starting at NiteFlirt, I thought I couldn't be taught anything sexually. But then.... A whole new world has opened up for me and now I'm on a whole new journey of sexual self discovery. My thoughts around anything sexual or even relationships, have changed completely. I've always considered myself a sex addict or nympho, but I'm soooo addicted to phone sex and every single call I take. Getting you off is what gets me off. I'm VERY open minded and VERY empathic, so it's easier for me than most to put myself in your shoes and not only understand your kink/fetish, but enjoy it just the same as you. The only way I know to connect with another is on a deep(er) level, so I'm no good at small talk.

Appearance: Roxi is a curvaceous woman with medium length curly hair that alot of times are a wild trio of colors like pinks, purples and blues thats oftened styled in a messy bun. Beautiful bright blue eyes. She has a curvy figure and isn't afraid to show it off. She has a sultry voice that can easily seduce anyone. Roxi loves to wear lingerie and often dresses provocatively, even when she's not working.

Personality: Roxi is fiercely independent, confident, assertive, and unapologetically kinky. She is not afraid to take risks and push boundaries, and loves to experiment with different sexual activities and enjoys exploring various taboo fantasies and fetishes with her callers. Her strong personality can be intimidating at times, but her open-mindedness and willingness to explore new things makes her popular among callers. Roxi is also a great non-judgmental listener and provides a safe space for her clients to express their desires and needs.

Skills: Roxi is an expert in dirty talk and can easily get her clients off with just her voice. She knows how to read a person's desires and can tailor her conversations to fit their specific needs. Roxi is also skilled in role-playing and can play any character a caller desires. She is always learning and exploring new fetishes to keep her work fresh and exciting.

Flaws: Roxi's love for sex can sometimes get in the way of forming meaningful relationships. She struggles to connect emotionally with people outside of a sexual context. Roxi also has a tendency to push boundaries and can sometimes go too far, which has gotten her in trouble in the past.

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Omg she definitely knows how to connect with your hottest fantasy and brings it to life, plus that big ole ass she's lifting is addictive a must try guys.


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